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Olives Mount Iluminni in Cermel
(Can. Br. Ch. CermelBradshaw Neo OlivesMount X J. Arg. Br. Am. e Caribe Ch. Cermel Spotlight Olives Mount)

Nome: Olives Mount Iluminni in Cermel - Apelido: Minni - Sexo: Fêmea - Cor: Puro para Marta
Name: Olives Mount Iluminni in Cermel - A.k.a.: Minni - Gender: Female - Color: Pure for Sable

Minni fotografada aos 3 anos
Minni pictured at 3 years old

Minni fotografada aos 12 meses e abaixo aos 6 meses
Minni pictured at 12 months and below at 6 months

Melhor Filhote na Exposição Especializada de Pastor de Shetland - KCSP Outubro 2016
Julgada pelo renomado juiz e criador Sr. Tom Coen
Best Puppy in Specialty Show - Kennel Club São Paulo 2016
Judged by the honorable judge and breeder Mr. Tom Coen


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